"The Mission" (Jaylib, from the LP Champion Sound)

Greetings. Welcome to the beginning of Josh Drimmer's blog.
(And may that be the last time I use the 3rd person on myself. Okay, probably not. I do love Rickey Henderson.)

I am a writer/playwright/occasional music and theater critic/comedy writer/middleweight champion of the world/part-time liar/beat junkie/lover/mother. (Wait, scratch the last one. Put in "possible father." [Although that is a joke, to be clear. Kishana, stop calling my house. If you remember right, you only gave me head.] [Kishana does exist either. I really need to stop this.])

What is this blog about? Honestly, whatever occurs to me. But parameters are good, no matter how frequently I'm going to break them, so, hey, let's try some, in a quasi-mission statement(s)---

1) Song titles are posted, generally, as my blog titles. It's something I had fun with on the old blog, "Sideshow by the Seashore and Other Hits." Generally speaking, these song titles will be from recommended albums, but sometimes I will be sneaking titles from the All Music Guide just to match up to my thoughts. And yes, that does sorta make me a whore. Eh.

2) One single, solitary "song of the week" posted on weekends, using YouSend, which does unfortunately only allow so many downloads, not that I expect critical mass.

Selections are likely to be largely jazz, hip-hop (aka rap music, NOT your standard mix of bullshit R&B with beats that has made Hot 97 nigh unlistenable to me), funk, soul, but also some ol' fashioned "rock" (whatever that means), old punk, "indie rock" (again, what?) and the utterly unclassifiable. I'm aware of the fact that I have no street cred (well, there were the mean streets of Mexico City), am white as Ivory, and probably "shouldn't" have the musical tastes I do, if music were meant to be segregated...as you might have guessed, I don't believe that. But do laugh away...it is funny. (If not as funny [but not quite the standard ha-ha funny] as my man Rob Bates kicking a comedy rap. Dan McCoy will attest to this.)

Songs are intended to instigate record sales for those I think deserve it. Songs are also easily removable for those record labels with problems with this- just shoot me an e-mail.

3) Speaking of e-mail address: I won't be checking this one terribly frequently. Patience in all things?

4) No longer going to be all that obsessive about correcting posts, but hey, comment on my bullshit when the funk becomes more than knee deep...that's what the comments are for. As Jim Lasko (not related to that awesome guy with all the dollar bills on his suit, not his real last name) has told me, I don't really know all that much about music. (Now, do I believe that? Well...I don't know that much about his. You given that O'Jays record I gifted you any spins, Jim, or does it gather dust next to your Headhunters in the small colored section of your collection?)

5) Speaking of which, if I put your full name here in a uncomfortable context, friends, let me know, and I'll edit it. Because I'm not planning on going all 19th century novel and writing names out as M____ S____-M_____ or whatever.

6) Subjects, again, are random. Some things you might find as recurring subjects: music (is my sanctuary), pop culture, politics, the Red Sox, bullshit and party and bullshit and party, the Knicks (yes, Matthew S-M, you have roped me in much of the way. then again, it might just be the MSG theme)

7) References of all sorts may sometimes be tagged with URL links (you'll notice them where they are), but not always. I prefer to clusterbomb on all this, don't sweat the technique on what you do or do not get.

8) Also, this serves as promotion fodder for whatever project I'm up to. Want to join a list more easily sending you said info? Hit the e-mail up. Want out? Hit it and you can quit it.

9) Parenthetical statements will be all over the place, as you may have noted. Hey, it's a method. I'll try to break up long paragraphs as much as possible for readability, but, well, I have been on a James Joyce kick lately.

And that's quite enough. Need to get some work done now, but I'll attempt the first post in a lil' bit.

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