"You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain)" (The Flaming Lips, from the LP Hit To Death In The Future Head)

Eight minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes to go. I rather feel elated. But there ain't enough time for another post, so, I figure to help myself out and perhaps whet your appetite, I should hit you with a few pieces in the future of this blog. Such as:

-Why I, secretly (well, no more) kinda like Gilmore Girls. (Gulp.)

-A thesis, subject still undetermined, on the epic Southern hip-hop piece, "Wanna Be A Baller," by Lil' Troy and a buncha anonymous emcees that went into Bolivian not long thereafter. I'm still considering what epic to compare this song to. Actually, I might be comparing it to the story "In A Glade" (source material for Kurosawa's Rashomon.)

-One last analysis on, honestly, what a lie Rounders is in genuine poker terms, no matter what good it did for real poker pros (no, not me. definitely not me. yet:) in filling their tanks with fresh fish. Glub glub.

-A think piece on that rather deep tune, "Bitch, I'm Broke," by the egomanical, brilliant, but perhaps stick-a-fork-in-his-massive-ego-done Cody ChestnuTT.

(Yeah, you have to spell his name that way to be proper, somewhat like MF DOOM, but not exactly. In my Yale Herald review, I wanted my name to appear as Josh DriMMer to play on that. Damn whoever was editing music then.)

Sample "lyrics" (it's basically a rant) of grand profundity:

I don't give a motherfucker how many cars you see me drive,
Or you see cash falling out my ass
I got diamond rings and I'm eating three steaks
And offer you a goddamn hamburger

And I didn't even get to the most offensive?/hilarious? part yet of that one. Man, I can't possibly keep this full-speed clip up, but blogging is fun.

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