Song of the Week, Vol. 1 ("Msimu Kwa Msimu," X Plastaz, from the LP Maasai Hip Hop)

Many thoughts occurred to me as to what should be the first song of the week. Then I realized (perhaps fueled on my 2nd viewing of Menace II Society), man, fuck all that.

[In full honesty, Menace II Society is an amazing film, far superior in my opinion to Boyz N The Hood, although Boyz was innovative. The Citizen Kane of 90s ghetto cinema? No, those comparisons are ridiculous, and when I remember a ridiculous being by the name of Eliot I knew in school who called Super Mario Bros. 2 "the Citizen Kane of video games," I gag, and it hurts, ooh Lord.]

So I just took a quick skim through the iTunes. And I thought, man, that rap album you got from Africa through dusted magazine, that album with all the lyrics I didn't understand because, no, I don't/likely won't speak Maasai, that album had some good songs on it.

This is the prime one. Nice Bollywood sampled loop, tight flows from emcees male and female be they ever so personally unintelligible. (But most of the time, hip-hop isn't entirely about the MEANING of the words. I'm not getting into that here, yet.) Enough. Enjoy.

And, hey, it's right here.

And, er, my ol' review of this record from Dusted is right here if you want some opinions I don't quite agree with anymore- the weak production of most of the record doesn't exactly make the purchase necessary. (Update...wait, shit, I think I said that! Score! [Derek Jeter fist pump, such as the one he makes after having prematurely ejaculated with a bored, coked-up supermodel.])

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