"He's A Friend" (Eddie Kendricks, He's A Friend)

The cover above, funny story, was actually nearly pulled by Motown for being a little too homoerotic for the execs. A tight handshake was too homoerotic! And the song "He's A Friend," which is attached below in the 12" form, was about Jesus! (Definitely one of my favorite songs about one of the many forms of God I don't believe in, by the way, up there with "Help Is On The Way" by the Whatnauts.)

Then again, one of the most masculine forms of giving dap, the high five, was invented by Glenn Burke, a former Oakland A who later came out. So, yes, men everywhere, you're all gay. Better stick to the wiggle non-touch handshake from Demolition Man.

Berry Gordy made a lot of near awful decisions in the late 1960s-70s though. One of which was nearly not releasing THIS record, believe it or not.

And then there were the 1980s, which brought you brilliant bad cinema, crack cocaine, and the near death of actual instruments. Sho nuff.

Eddie Kendricks- He's A Friend (long version)
The Whatnauts- Help Is On The Way

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