"Black Cop" (KRS-One, Return Of The Boom Bap)

I think I enjoy this more than I should due to my love of the KRS-One song dude flips into a tribute to Coaches Dungy and Smith, but at the very least, it's a hell of a lot better than most of the reverent, over-the-top bullshit that came out of the convergence of two black coaches in the Super Bowl and the shortest, coldest month of the year: Black History Month. It's a nice footnote, not Martin Luther King's whole dream, people. (25,000-plus hits? [Side note= Malcolm X gets 346. I'm not saying what you may think I'm saying: I find this shit just as mystifying as the King connection.]) And we all know nothing's really been accomplished until there are black men in space, right?

(Free Desmond Pfeiffer!)

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