"No Vaseline" (Ice Cube, from the brilliant if amazingly misinformed/NOI inspired LP Death Certificate)

Man, I had a random thought while listening to "Fuckin' Wit Dre Day" by, of course, the mighty, might D-R-E (Dr. Dre)—

(known to those unfortunates who either never owned The Chronic [I sold mine happily!] or ended up with...the Wal-Mart version? as simply "Dre Day." hey people who are whiter than even me, I speak semi-fluent jive!)

—here's the thought, and please, contemplate this on the comments...I have my thoughts but want to hear yours first. Some lyrics, without distinguishment from if Snoop (in his halycon days) and Dre:

Luke's (Campbell, btw, of 2 Live Crew, if you wondered) bending over
So Luke's getting fucked

And one more:

Gap teeth in your mouth so my dick's got to fit
With my nuts on your tonsils
While you're onstage rapping at your wack-ass concerts

...oh, yeah.

My question is this: with all the (blatant) homophobia in hip-hop that continues today and will continue past my lifetime...um, to take some parlance of these times that I wish to forcefully retire soon—

(again, ask me on the comments my feeling re: the phrase, in anyone's joke, "I wish I could quit you!" I have some. oh, yes.)

—well, why are these battle rhymes for those battle times so, um, Brokeback? Or just to use another parlance of the times, a la 50 Cent's crew...why is this homophobic stuff so G-G-G-Gay?

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