"Paraphernalia" (Miles Davis, Miles In The Sky)

--the dates for the New York debut of Love Is Good, a comedy I wrote, are set: August 24-28.

--one of my headphones is broken. this revealed that the right channel of "Eminence Front" by The Who is more awesome separated from the rest of the song. have yet to hear the left channel alone, which just may have NO vocals on it (also awesome), but I think I've now figured out how to sample this song. I am working on a couple new EPs these days, one based off of Donuts, the other more of an original beats kind of thing. Only so applicable insomuch as my own style is sample-based. But I'm a work in progress.

--"Strobelight Honey" by Black Sheep is keeping me awake in an office that serves nothing but decaf coffee, a substance shown to be a cancer risk, but which more importantly can more or less put you to sleep. Touch it. You want to.

--My temp job has become dangerous. Will this cause me to quell my boredom by posting more or less often? Stay tuned.

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