"Strange" (Boogiemonsters, Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album)

Fun Red Sox facts:

-"Soft-hitting" SS Alex Gonzalez is hitting at a slightly better batting average clip than David Ortiz, who himself is 2nd in the AL in homeruns, first in RBI. Alex Gonzalez is actually on a tear lately.

-We bust the shit out of Pedro Martinez. Which felt good, but also makes me feel...conflicted. Very conflicted.

-11 straight wins.

-Best defense in the American League? This hasn't happened in my lifetime. At least within any year in my lifetime I can remember.

-1986 doesn't seem painful in any way. It was twenty years ago, but without 2004, it wouldn't be so...easy to deal with, even to the point of YouTube humor, even with the results of this series so far. Heh. Wally Backman.

-Coco Crisp is starting to hit.

-We still bust the shit out of Pedro Martinez, with or without the Lastings Milledge error. Although the error was appreciated.

-The National League has no chance in 2006.

-The New York Yankees are really wounded. Miguel Cairo is in the starting lineup. This is like the part of the Civil War where it seemed the Union might lose.

-That doesn't make the Red Sox the Confederacy.

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