"Pump Me Up" by Melle Mel and the Furious Five

Fuck ESPN. I don't care about Barry Bonds' "accomplishments" anymore, and their overattentiveness to his chase of 715* not only bored me and wasted my Baseball Tonight viewing time, it is, as we know, an artificially inflated milestone, pun and implication intended.


Page 2 is ESPN's salvation even as they seemingly try to pump up the Bonds on Bonds ratings (why do I suspect this isn't exactly reaching Sopranos-esque critical mass? oh yeah, because it isn't) with the attention. Check this out: it's the most nuanced exploration of the truth of Bonds' accomplishments I've read, and big up to Patrick Hruby for doing some solid research and linking it together nicely.

Oh, and if you baseball obsessives have never seen the sadly-now-defunct Yard Work, well, take this opportunity: there's some hilarious parody of ESPN's worst writers/commentators: I especially enjoy the Skip Bayless columns, because Bayless should be indicted for war crimes against the English language and they do a scarily good job in matching his ignorance, word for meaningless word. Criminally underread website, if the lack of comments is any indicator, not that it really is, since people are too lazy to comment most of the time. And I'm too lazy to follow that sentence up with another sentence after...this...one.

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