Song of the Week #2: "Doobie Ashtray (chopped and screwed)" by Devin The Dude

I'm writing three scripts, one pitch, and some other shit, so I need to keep this brief, much as I'd like to write longer about this stretched out song. So here we go.

This is a song about being completely down on your own luck, by your own goddamn fault.

Devin the Dude is remarkable. Try "Briar Patch" and "What?" after this, if you like it.

Chopped and screwed, as most of you know I hope, means this song has been slowed to a crawl and a little, well, chopped, a method invented and named after DJ Screw, who did die of cough syrup related reasons. The genre and codeine-laced cough syrup can be separated. But I guess if you've got it, drink it, following with whatever lies around in your own doobie ashtray.


Don't. This song is fucked up enough as it is. It's also pretty damn funny, especially at the end, as the narrator reverts to his nature. Recidivists never quite change.

(Downs a pint of Nighttrain. Mmm. Sweet premium wine.)

If you know of a better method I can post songs, lemme know. Comments get read. Yeah, even the one on the last post.

So what are you gonna do when the people go home?

(NOTE: I just discovered I fucked up on the actual posting of the song here. I'll put it up for real soon. I swear! Mom, come on! I'm playing Blades of Steel!)

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