"I'm Housin'" (EPMD, from the LP Strictly Business, which I'm now not sure is their best)

Some matters of business, party peoples, and we'll keep it short, since I've got other things to post today. There are some amusing links along the way.

a) the comments section, as I see it, is a great chance for
-people who are misquoted or feel they are misrepresenting to bitch/moan. but y'know, if it's a drastic enough thing, I will edit. the name matter could be resolved in comments too.
-to respond to what I wrote, of course, especially when,
-I'm actively soliciting opinions on scenes-in-progress I'm writing, which is REALLY appreciated.

b) however, I will wipe out comments when I just think you're playing yourself, to, um, protect you. yeah! that's the ticket!

c) does this blog look alright to you? I think maybe Internet Explorer is mangling it for me, but I might have to take off creepy-eye Alexis and fine-ass Lauren from the site proper if I get some reconfirmation.

That's all for now. You brave few who have been reading this a bit,

(SNR writers, a couple friends, some perverts who [I hope] ended up in the wrong section of the Internet, and people Googling for absolutely every mention of their name, so as to hope to beat Jesus or Erik Marcisak?)

thanks, and I hope to keep up putting quality writing here, be it ever so bizarre, misinformed, and in opinions, simply off at times. I change my mind. Well, except about the new Shaft (2000)...it sucked in so many ways, but Jeffrey Wright as Peoples Hernandez must be seen to be believed.

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