"The Cuckoo [alternative, faster version]," Taj Mahal, the LP The Natch'l Blues)

Through a poker game last night in which I won $ (undisclosed) or so, maybe more like $ (nope) or $ (don 't make me pull off my belt), I talked a tremendous amount, most of it the typical brand of shit, but also ended up singing this song a bit, mainly the line

"Jack of Diamonds, oh you Jack of Diamonds/ Said you rob my poor pockets of silver and gold..."

No real reason behind that, although it did make Amit think I folded that very card, when it was likely the standard babies-unlikely-to-be-making-babies, like 62o. Not that that meant a damn thing. Nor does this post until now.

Gotta self-promote, much as I still feel like a dick every time I do it just for inflicting another play on the world. One day I'll give back to the world I've taken so much from; so many wallets, so many pizzas eaten from garbage cans. But maybe I am. It's a good play now that it's revised a lot.

Here's how I gave the info to a bunch of people by e-mail.

And if you want to get onto a Promo list I will never abuse and will solely use to contact people when plays of mine get up and get down, 1-2 pass the request to joshdrimmer@gmail.com. It'll probably help you if you live in New York or thereabouts of course.

That fuckin' dolt.

Five-three. Why would anyone play five-three?

"Well, they were suited." My cock in your mouth, is that suited? It got two red diamonds on the end of it?

Welcome to the true world of Texas Hold 'Em, a place where those who fail burn quickly to ash, and those who succeed aren't doing that much better. Five-Three is a fifteen-minute play about holding a losing hand too long, be it hole cards or human. A bitter but comic ditty.

And it got into the American Globe Theater's Fifteen-Minute Play festival. Four plays each night, one advances, by audience vote, to the finals. This being so, and this play being about poker, I figure I have the right to as loaded a deck as possible, but mainly I just want people to see this and hopefully three other good shorts.

Apparently this festival sells out pretty quickly, so you might not want to put this off too long. There are only 15 seats available last I heard. The information on purchasing tickets is here-

(yeah, click it and quit it)

-and below. To recap...

Five-Three by Josh Drimmer
directed by Tom Wojtunik

A selection of the American Globe Theater/Turnip Theater Company 15-Minute Play Festival
Thursday, April 27th, 8 p.m.
145 West 46th Street (b/w 6th Ave and 7th Ave
1, 9, 2, 3, 7, N, R trains to 42nd Street-Times Square; F train to 47-50 Streets-Rockefeller Center.

And it's real like getting beaten King-high flush versus Steel Wheel.

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