"For The Children Like The ODB" (Orlean Cooper, Supervillain v. Petty Thief EP)

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you without a strong beat to step to. Well, here's five strong beats to step to, courtesy of the amazing MF DOOM and the nicely-mixed box set of his Special Herbs releases, one which, if you can find it (it is a special item), is wholly worthwile, esp. since it contains a whole disc of KMD instrumentals, mainly from Black Bastards.

But...here's what's interesting. These five beats are an EP. By me. Well, not me, but a dude who shares my voice and my perspective on many issues, if he seems to take many of these perspectives further than me. If you're wondering where his name, Orlean Cooper, came from, well, it isn't entirely related to D.B. Cooper. I'll tell you that much.

Money talks, bullshit walks. I'm not walking, but I don't have that much money, so I'll stop talking. Please, download this first EP, entitled Supervillain v. Petty Thief (reason: DOOM is a true super villain, Orlean Cooper is, well, lesser), post on the comments when the link runs out (it's for a zipped version of this, btw), and enjoy.

1. Guayaquil
2. Verbal Like Kint
3. Orlean's Lament
4. For The Children Like The ODB
5. What A Fool Believes '06

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