"Workinonit" (J Dilla, from the LP Donuts)

People, there won't be any posts on the bliggity-blog until friggidy-friday, so don't aagidy-ask me about it no more for now.

(Man, I should stop this rediscovery of Das EFX thing as soon as possible. It's clearly iggidy-infiltrating...damn it, there we go again.)

One positive here though is I decided to make more music posts, including one right here- just click the title. It's not "Workinonit" itself, but Donuts being an album anyone with even a cursory interest in hip-hop could really enjoy, I decided instead to repost a demo of Black Thought of the Roots and Dice Raw working over this very instrumental. I still prefer listening to the beat on its own, but this track is surprisingly effective.

Rest in peace, James Yancey.

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