Trailer Review: Rocky Balboa

Holy shit. So said my friend J. La_ks_ when he saw this, so said my roommate Matthew, so said I. We knew it was coming and we knew it was coming out, but nothing can really compare you for an anticipated trailer or an anticipated movie, and although the sixth Rocky film can't possibly be good, it can hardly be worse than Rocky V. (MC Hammer's "Go For It!" and all.) Sly Stallone looks pretty good for 88, there's a great exchange at the end you should see rather than have me retell, the camerawork looks alright in the trailer but Burt Young still looks like Burt Young only older and surlier (hooray!). The bit about the computer boxing simulation is a ridiculous setup, yes. (Ali beats Chris Byrd on Fight Night 3, but don't tell me he'd be able to do so with Parkinson's. I do think current Ali might be able to beat current Tyson, but then again, I think I can beat Mike Tyson now.) But we weren't expecting Shakespeare here. Or even Rocky III, easily the most fun movie of the series.

Adrian is dead in this movie, it bears noting. Which still makes for the perfect setup for the Rocky sequel I want to see. Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge.

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