"Computer Love" (Zapp, The New Zapp IV U)

Fridays are for vocoder. Well, this one is. Because I said so, that's why. Some live talkbox jams:

Yellow Magic Orchestra- Behind The Mask (Live)

Probably my last posting of them for a while, I swear. Dig the color effects added in. Are those real drums or drum pads? I'm still not sure.

Zapp- Computer Love (Live)

Zapp was underrated; even the way the band of two brothers ended (murder-suicide) is unfairly in the shadow of that Marvin Gaye Jr. and Marvin Gaye Sr. thing. Is that tube a comfortable fit? Has a talk boxer ever accidentally have one imbedded in their throat for life? Wouldn't that be awesome?

TALK BOX'S WIFE: Are we out of toothpaste?
TALK BOX: Yeeeesssss! Weeeearre...yeeeeeah. Baby!
TALK BOX'S WIFE: Don't call me baby.

No one said computer love would be easy.

Neil Young- Transformer Man (Live)

Part of the infamous Neil Young period that led Geffen to drop him from his project for not making the product they signed him to create, namely, "Neil Young records." I still don't really like this song or Trans, but I still wish more really well-known artists did vocoder records, perhaps during a particular early-80s period, with the same force disco had upon Kiss, The Rolling Stones, etc. Five artists I'd have liked to hear on vocoder, for better AND worse.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five- Scorpio (third-party video)

The song's simply the jam. The video's just fun, especially with that robot/Moonite in the background. Get down.

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