Hey, have you heard of this thing, um, YouTube?

Some videos I've been enjoying this week. Unfortunately, I gotta do it link style because YouTube isn't letting me blog imbed it, so click the names to get there:

PM Dawn- "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss"

I hated this song when it first came out, since I was "hardcore" then...I even applauded KRS-One senselessly giving the fat guy a beatdown, live on stage, as senseless as it is to beat up a rapper who actually samples Spandau Ballet.

Now though? I dunno. It's sincere. It's a "soft" song that isn't "Candy Shop." Maybe it's because hip-hop sucks in 2006, but I like this. And the choice of dress is even funnier now than before. Check out all those beads.

"Christina Applegate, you gotta put me on"?

Patrice Rushen- "Forget Me Nots"

Because I have clapped, tapped buttons, and otherwise moved with the beat of many a song while wearing headphones, especially this one. (I also whistle tunes stuck in my head and sneak up behind people on the train saying "You smell goooooood.")

As far as samples of this song go, by the way, seek out "Gimme The Ass" by The Beatnuts...it's crass shit over "a joint you familiar with," the polar opposite of the better known samplage, "Men In Black."

Damn, Patrice had a lot of beads. She kinda looks at the camera in a way less Come hither and more Don't put that camera so close to my face.

De La Soul- "Ring Ring Ring" (Unplugged)

One of my favorite De La songs, one of the first efforts to rework hip-hop live since the old school (Sugar Hill band, whoever was backing Kurtis Blow etc.), one of the finest Unpluggeds ever. Yeah, Eric Clapton sucked the life out of his overrated songs on his Unplugged, but there were some good ones, and the Jay-Z Unplugged started my reevaluation of Jigga. I miss that time when the M in MTV stood for...well, what did it stand for again?

The freestyling over "Buddy" kinda sucks here, reminding us why DJ PA Mase was only a rapper for one album. But he had personality.

Leprechaun In The Hood, In The Tree

(and AFTER you see that...)

"Where Da Gold At??"

Watch the first, watch the second, thank me later. I hate eBaum's World and hope YouTube kills it for good (see this week's Wired if you're geeky enough to care about all this...I didn't, but someone hooked me up with a free subscription for reasons unknown), but they stole nicely here.

Plus, this all reminds me of my favorite horror film ever....and my second favorite horror film ever.

(That bit of breakdancing Mr. T is great too.)

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