The Rock Variations

The Rock, still Lil' Dwayne Johnson, several years ago:
"Do you smell what The Rock left in his diaper, mommy?! You better change it quick or I'm going to lay the smackdown with this rattle!!"

The Rock, professional wrestler, WWF Champion:
"Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?!"

The Rock, star of Gridiron Gang:
"Do you smell what The Rock is coaching?!"

and in Gridiron Gang II (2008):
"Do you smell The Rock's disappointment in you all for ending up back in prison even after our football team inspired you all to make something of yourself?"

and after the uninspired response to The Rock The Casbah (2009):
"Do you smell what The Rock made?! A horrible comedy set in Morocco! With Matthew Perry! Do you smell The Rock firing all of his people? Or do you smell The Rock's rotting career?"

and on "Rock Live! on Food Network, 2020:
"Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?! Lightly broiling in a nice lemon-ginger sauce??? You don't! Because you're watching this on TV! And HDTV-Smellovision doesn't come out until next year!"

Charles S. Dutton, formerly Roc on "Roc," 2020:
"Rock Live? Sounds much like our brief but excellent run of live television, 'Roc Live'! Do you smell what the actor who played Roc's lawyers are cooking? (cough, cough.) I sure am getting old! Time for The Roc to take The Pills!"

Jay-Z, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records, 2020:
"The Rock, Roc, The Roc...who cares? I'm making money on all three of them anyway, and even the blog you're currently reading this on. 14 years in the past. Oh, I can't run Def Jam, but I run things. Holla."

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