"Melting Study Part II" (Incomparable-Seven, available on the comp. Because You're Funky)

What was going to be a one or two week vacation is gonna extend for another week after this, I think: the meltdown of New York City and most of the rest of the country—

(shakes fist at MSM, Cameron, and all those in the Bay Area, which I hope at least reached, gulp!, 90 degrees.)

—has left me behind on plenty of overdue writing I was unable to do when my face was, you know, melted and dripping onto my hollowed chest. Now I'm alright, in so much as I got one of those Darkman masks to cover up my damaged face, and am looking forward to seeking vengance against no one in particular.

See, this is the sort of bullshit imagery you end up with when your mind is too melted to function properly. Hunter S. Thompson wasn't just on every substance known to man during the Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas era, the man also might have had heatstroke.

See you in late August, but don't tell me I didn't warn you in advance: I've got a play, full production, going up August 24th. Don't stay in the Hamptons or Maine or Vermont too long, you lucky bastards.

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