"Workinonit" (J Dilla/ Jay Dee, Donuts) [RIP, James Yancey]

Thinking of getting back into the studio for some shits and giggles (for those who have asked after it, no, I haven't found a permanent spot to put the Orlean Cooper EP Supervillain v. Petty Thief yet, but three songs are available off the MySpace page), probably with the stuff I've written using the amazing instrumentals of J Dilla's penultimate album as my template/beats. I found this old rhyme in my orange notebook and felt like posting it just for the hell of it. The tarot card deck mentioned is a major plot point in Gambit #1-#5, the comic book where I found/stole the name of my alter ego. The Chappelle's Show reference should be obvious enough. Remember, I didn't write this for me, I wrote it for him.

Here to acquire the inficio aquilus tarot deck
Now, do you take a personal check?
Overdraft at the bank, negative twenty cents
Better make the walls out of weak-ass cement
Like the ugly new Williamsburg architecture
I’d like to pose a conjecture.
Namely, completing the transaction.
Let’s take a cab to Brooklyn, baby and I’ll close your captions.
Always makes the tight-aggressive play
Don’t fuck with seven-deuce, she makes a bad lay
Goes with those who slay with their eyes
And them Suzanne Somers thighs.
She may be connected to Brighton Beach mafia
But what a lovely way to die, worth a try
Get in so hard it makes doves cry
And then she served us pancakes
Youngest brother like Eddie Murphy to Charlie
Can’t control the noise level, it’s a Harley
Quirky, called crazy and lazy, still is
But the younger man took your spot like you was Bruce Willis
Makes for better TV than the Electric Company
Put it in the tape deck, bump it into infinity.

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