"Thinking" (Ed O.G. f/ Masta Ace, Boondocks Soundtrack)

It's nearly September, so although I'm not necessarily going to be a frequent blogger, I guess I'll start updating a little, especially now that the Red Sox' season and the first production of Love Is Good (which went pretty well, I think, although in my heat-induced madness I actually somehow forgot to plug it on my own website...hopefully we'll get this thing extended or transferred, too) are over. Not that I really have more time, but I do have a few less things to waste time with. Then again, I'm doing Fantasy Football this year in spite of not knowing football at all anymore. I'm pretty sure I made a big mistake in picking Michael Vick, too.

Other random thoughts:
—85 people replied to one craig's list ad posted for an opening at the Greenpoint office, or as some would call it, my need for a new roommate. 85. This is a microcosm of the sheer intensity and density of New York City.

—I'm thinking of recording a really stupid record of covers, done more or less a cappella. That is, in the style of A Cappella by Todd Rungren. Which is not the same thing as the a cappella groups that infested Yale like locusts. The first song on the record will be a cover of "Fruitman" by Kool & The Gang.

—I'm tired.

—David Ortiz, please don't die.

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