most awesome album cover ever?

not really, since I vote for this, but there's something so off-center about the cover new Joanna Newsom it's irresistible; the record's also all of five long songs including strings arranged by Van Dyke Parks, so the cover's definitely not the craziest thing about the record, but the painting style is like a late Joni Mitchell cover, and the renaissance faire look is in full effect. I'm reminded of the story my friend told once of making out with a girl who played the Jester's Daughter in a faire, someone he'd met right there.

that's pretty much the whole story.

anyone who has heard Ys, through the Pitchfork leak or whatever, feel free to drop a comment; I'm probably going to find it later today, but I have yet to listen to any of it, and I'm curious, especially since I'm hearing wildly mixed opinions.

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