"Small Axe" (Bob Marley and the Wailers, African Herbsman)

I love haikux. So small, so potentially sharp if you avoid bad Zen bullshit poetry. Then again, there's so much potential in the intentionally bad forms of 5-7-5.

So here's a few I spun up in seven minutes at Cafe Grumpy. (Home of the greatest espresso and cappuccino in the city, by the way.)

"For That Guy On Full Tilt Who Called With A 5-3 And Got A Lucky Gutshot"

Time passes slowly
Waiting, making little cash.
You are a douchebag.


Village Bar: Five bucks.
Corner Store: Buck twenty-five.
Right. I'll drink at home.

"Wild Irish Rose"

Comes now with ginseng.
Why? Buck-tooth lady passed out.
Wino, you don't learn.

"How To Ball On A Budget"

Comb thrift stores with care.
Eat two dollar Western plates.
Petty thievery.

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