Such Unlikely Covers

Sending a couple songs to my sister and Peter Lewis, fellow comrade-in-arms of my trivia night team Breasty McGee at Rocky Sullivan's, I realized both songs were really interesting cover songs, the sort of songs bands/artists should do more often in concert. (Emphasis on interesting.) So I present them both to youse alls.

David Byrne- I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Former Talking Heads frontman does Whitney Houston. Well, not literally. But hey would have interesting children I'll admit, nervous kids with amazing vocal ranges and drug problems continually dressed in oversized clothing.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions- Pop Life

Particularly notable Prince cover by Elvis in the song selection; "Pop Life" is my favorite Prince single ever, but this downbeat track, from the neglected Purple Rain follow-up Around The World In A Day is unknown to casual fans of the Purple One. "Dig it" has never sound quite so unfunky. But that's sort of the point of a good cover: turn someone else's song into your own. So yes, I do indeed dig it.

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