quick world series thoughts

1) tony la russa is not a genius.

2) david eckstein had the two luckiest doubles imaginable in game 4, one a wet center field seeking one poor centerfielder to the ground, the other an okay line drive out turned double by a left fielder playing way too shallow. but he's short(er than me!) and thus scrappy and thus...well, he got his hits.

3) the detroit tigers were the team of this year, but they were the bipolar team of this year. the good tigers dominated most of the season; the bad ones fell off most of august-september, especially as they were swept by the royals and found a way to lose their division. the good tigers destroyed the american league in the playoffs; the bad tigers had too much rest and played some very sloppy baseball and somehow had their pitchers commit a lot of errors, like pitchers need to field, and lost in five games to an 83-win team of "destiny" (term reserved for those teams that always run into other teams as those teams beat themselves). they shoulda won this goddamn series (bad?), but they were a young team no one expected to see here(good?).

4) for the record, I'm not a tigers fan. I'm a baseball fan. when a team as bad as the 2006 st. louis cardinals wins, everyone loses, people. that, and yankee fans start telling me the most ridiculous shit.

5) tony la russa is not a genius. he wears sunglasses at night, on national tv.

6) during the glorious coronation known as the 2004 world series, while this same tony la russa wore the same creepy sunglasses, my mom, not a baseball fan by any definition, said la russa looked like a pedofile. I couldn't top that if I tried.

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