"Hollywood Swinging" (Kool And The Gang)

Okay, admittedly I would have really dug singing old Kool and the Gang* in my high school choir, but this is bananas. And walnuts. This is about as funky as a clean batch of whites fresh from the cleaners. That is to say, not very. Dude singing "I went to a theater" in a ridiculous "dramatic" whisper reminds me of a kid at my high school who got all the lead parts in the high school musicals; on my grave, I may very well regret not kicking that kid's annoying ass as much as anything I actually did do in my life. They're all just trying so, so hard. And there's nothing easier to make fun of than trying...stuff.

*Reminder: "Kool and the Gang" on this blog is not the same group of the same group that reappeared with an actual lead singer and a shitty new sound in the 1980s. A group that was about as funky as this video. Which is, again, not very.

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