"Is It Because I'm Black?" (Syl Johnson)

Headline on ESPN.com:

"Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy are making history because of their skin color."

Well, yes. But perhaps more so by being the first two black head coaches in the Super Bowl than for merely having skin color? I make history every day, but it isn't so much because I'm white as because I'm the only white man not named DJ Shadow or Peanut Butter Wolf to own two Lord Finesserecords. There is a difference. Well, sorta.

Come to think of it, semantics like this are dangerous: there's a bad Scoop Jackson column waiting to happen here. But "bad Scoop Johnson column" is redundant anyway.

To add my inaccurate Super Bowl XLI pick to the mix, I'm going Colts 34, Bears 20. Subject to change when Rex Grossman is intercepted a Super Bowl record five times, or just solicits an undercover cop for sex. Forget it Rex, it's Miami.

Then again, if there's any team to say "Fuck it, I'm throwing downfield" against, it's the Colts. So bet the over, if your mama didn't teach you not to be a city gamblin' man.

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