"Internationally Known" (Count Bass D, Act Your Waist Side)

Well, no, I'm not, but the upcoming Manhattan Rep production of a new Josh Drimmer joint for you, titled For You in fact, now has its info up on the Internets.

(Question: has the "Internets" joke jumped the shark?)
(Ancillary question: has the phrase "jumped the shark" jumped the shark? Any thoughts as to what we could replace it with? Perhaps, "gone Gallagher?")

Um, yeah, whatever. So the show info is all right here, and my Google rating grows, this time not from one of those weird sites that has somehow taken my review of The Foreign Connection's Connected and put it alongside a bunch of foreign market shit.

Seats are craaazy limited, so moving quickly on this is recommendable. And yeah, the tix are more expensive than I'd like, especially since I'm not getting one red nickel out of it, but would you rather see one good play, or two screenings of The Hitcher. Thought so. But you're gonna regret your decision to see that movie twice. Mark my words.

Oh, the Count Bass D song I titled this post after is amazing.

Get it right here.

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